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Kitchen Transformation In Progress

February 1, 2018

Whether a complete transformation or a mix of the old and new…  the results are already gorgeous and welcoming. This particular client wanted to incorporate existing appliances into their new kitchen remodel. From the plain white pantry and cabinetry… the transition to warmer, yet neutral tones bring a classic more modern elegance to the previous dated look.  Adding texture to the walls in combination with natural stone can…

Inspiration Travels

Tropical Days and Nights of Cuba

October 2, 2017

The hot days of Havana to the cool evenings along its coastline…. the tropical appeal to design with inspiration from Cuba includes vibrance and Post-50s art. A place suspended in time…. from its worn streets and buildings comes the beauty of unique patterns and colors that are found like hidden treasures within its streets and businesses.  The art of Cuba is diverse cultural blend of South American, European and…

Inspiration Travels

Gorgeous. Inspirational.

September 30, 2017

Often we think of the coast as being located along a large ocean… But coastal areas also exist along smaller waterways like the gorgeous lakes of Michigan, or in this instance Lake Charlevoix. Just look at the magnificent beauty captured by photographer, Babs Young.  These are taken from the residence of the Loeb farm in Charlevoix.  it was build around 1918 by Albert Loeb of Chicago.  The colors…

Colors Inspiration

The Perfect Blues

September 15, 2017

Trying to bring in the blues to your coastal paradise? Look no further! Here are some great ideas that will enhance your get-a-way retreat. Whether aiming for the Mediterranean look by pairing a cobalt blue with a pure bright white, or bringing out the Caribbean spirit of jeweled aquamarine hues the gentle yet dramatic hues of blues from greens to deep blue can make your home the ocean…

Decor Inspiration

The focal point: A Gallery Wall

August 31, 2017

Have you ever had so many favorites it’s hard to choose just one? Whether it’s favorite ice creams, favorite blogs, or favorite Rihanna tweets, it can be overwhelming to feel the need to narrow down. Thankfully, when it comes to decorating, the gallery wall is the perfect option for those of us who are decision-challenged. In fact, the gallery-wall-goal is to showcase your aesthetic with as many pieces…

Decor Inspiration

Textures. Textiles. Primitivism is Trending in Decor.

August 26, 2017

An array of textures and tribal prints awaits…  Adding subtle accents of texture and tribal textiles in your decor is always a plus whether using the traditional patterns and colors or a pop of the unexpected. This marvelous sample by Ash Showroom captures both the tribal look as well as emitting a jewel tone. It can give your home a sense of your joy for travel and sophistication…

Inspiration Travels

Bringing it with you

August 26, 2017

Whether it is the gorgeous sunrise or the reflection of the clouds on the crystal clear lake, capturing the moment is something we all try to do when discovering the perfect moment in time.  Photos help to bring back those memories and make a perfect discussion piece when placed in the right location.  How do you capture the image though? While cell phones have increased in their quality…

Colors Inspiration

Colors of Nature

August 21, 2017

Our color palette can’t be better represented than by these pictures of nature at its best…from sunrise to sunset, sunny to stormy, early to late in the day, north to south and east to west, summer, winter, spring or fall,  these photos explode with color in brilliant and deep hues of blue, green, yellow, red, orange , purple and  brown, all enhancing the landscape with their unique brilliance.…

Decor Inspiration

Capture a Sense of the Area with Local Artists

August 18, 2017

One unique element in interior design, is to use local, upcoming artists to capture a sense of the area.   This Aspen artist, Kelly Peters, captures the mountains that surround Aspen, Colorado beautifully with a contemporary flare. The colors are inspiring and add to the elegance of any home. Painting is my way of allowing the subconscious to convey a visual language. My work emerges from a mostly…


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