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Decor Lifestyle Transformations

Repurpose. Renew. Rejuvenate.

April 16, 2018

Create a fresh new look this spring.  Here our client asked that we repurpose her lake house furniture and artwork.  Together with lighting, we created a new and improved look for her guest suite and a new redesign of her guest bathroom.   BEFORE             We were able to use many of her things to improve the look by repainting, new waterproof, and…

Decor Design Tips Lifestyle

A Little of This…. A Little of That…

March 13, 2018

Adding the perfect little touch to make your table complete… With Spring right around the corner, it is a time for festive planning.  Get updated on making your table setting extra special and unique with the right center piece, beautiful dishes and sparkling glasses. For that added hint of style, be sure to get your table noticed with the right napkins and creative little folded masterpiece.  Take a…

Decor Inspiration Travels

Subtle Safari… Let your Decor Travel

March 2, 2018

Add a bit of the wild side to your interior. Whether searching for a specific theme or adding a unique piece that will add discussion to your room, here are some great examples that add life and character in both a charming and creative way. Just look as these paper mâché animal heads (left) are perfect to accent walls in numerous areas of your home…. what a great…

Decor Design Tips Inspiration

First Impressions

February 28, 2018

Make A Bold Statement Right From The Start When you meet someone for the first time, how you dress to that first initial handshake makes an initial imprint in their mind. So why not carry that over to the front door of your home. Make a statement with a dynamic front door. It can be a pop of color, unique door handles and even a more unusual style…

Colors Decor Design Tips

Texture. Depth. Dimension.

February 27, 2018

What makes a room warm and inviting… Adding a sense of dimension through contrasting patterns and color, along with multiple textures of course. In the above image this is done so well by choosing the right pieces and colors. The two-toned upholstered chairs bring interest to this kitchenette, but even more as the unique shell like pattern is unexpected with a sense of primitivism on a more post-modern…

Colors Decor Inspiration

A Pop of Color to your Table

February 19, 2018

Invite your guests to this intriguing, sunflower feast. The warmth and dimension are a true eye-candy. Your interior isn’t just about the furniture, walls and how you display your mirrors. It’s the whole impression. From the unique deco lamp to the texture of the dining room chair…. the table setting is a true treat and feast for the eye, like the icing on the cake.…


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