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The crisp cool colors of Fall is what’s trending!

October 1, 2018

From the pumpkin spice latte to hues of crimson and chocolates, this season is full of life for your decor…

Getting inspired by our surroundings has always been a theme here at Shorecoasterz.  Taking from the color palate of nature, whether traveling up the New England Coastline and viewing the rich, vibrant hues of the Autumn leaves or staying bundled near a warm fireplace and admiring the deep orange and red hues, Fall is inspirational and easily transferred into our everyday decor.

From table to pillow, take a look at the change of season in your area.  It is harvest time and a pop of color can add definition to your home.  The accent pieces that remind us of this bountiful time of the year, like pumpkins and fall leaves can be added to any table setting.  Whether accenting the plate with your favorite Autumn colored napkin, or adding a little extra decorative pumpkin to add a sense of charm to your table, bringing the natural colors into your home add a sense of warmth and welcome to your guests at the dinner table.

Change the feeling of summer into fall, by adding decorative cinnamon pillows to your sofa.  Continue the theme of warm earth tones by bringing in an accent rug, specifically for the season.  Stay tuned as we bring you more ideas for your holiday season!


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