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Choosing the Right Interior Paint

May 10, 2018

You’ve been inspired…. you know your colors…. but, what type of interior paint is right for you project?

From acrylic flat to oil-based Gloss, which type is what you are looking for?  Some paints can mean the difference between easy clean-up to nearly impossible.  Other problems arise like how many coats to why did it peel?  And what’s the right type of brush or roller?

With paints and painting, comes different questions to tackle.  In this blog post, we will first venture into types of interior paint.

Do we need a primer?  Perhaps… Many hi-end paints sometimes are labelled both the primer and the paint.  These are great and often only need 1 coat (depending upon what is being painted over of course).  Painting over wall paper?  Two great companies that have primer for different situations are Glidden® and Gripper®.  These are extremely thick, but do the trick to prepare your wall before adding a coat of color.

Acrylic Flat. A flat finish with zero sheen that tends to be difficult to wash.  The overall dried appearance finishes slightly chalky. While this might be fine for for walls and ceilings, it really depends upon the traffic entering the room and little hand prints that might possibly be there to make cleaning more like repainting.

Acrylic Eggshell. A light sheen, that is slightly washable.  This creates a very soft, matte finish.  This is a nice choice for walls and ceilings, more durable than a flat finish in high-traffic areas.

Acrylic Satin.  Of all of the paint choices for walls, this tends to be the most durable.  A nice satin finish, durable and washable with a very subtle gloss, but not enough of a gloss where you cannot contrast it with a glossy trim.  A great choice if you have a high-traffic home and perfectly matched for gloss painted baseboards. This is a perfect paint for walls, ceilings and woodwork.

Acrylic Semi-Gloss.  Here we have a type that has a little more gloss than a satin finish.  It is durable and may reflect a slight glare.  It is also perfect for walls, woodwork and trim.

Acrylic Gloss. This is perfect if you are looking for a full-gloss finish.  It is very durable and washable, but keep in mind it will reflect a glare.  Want even more of the shiny look? Try Hi-gloss for the premium effect.


Stay tuned for more about oil-based paint…


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