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Textiles in Coastal Decor

November 7, 2017

Textures, colors, and prints…. from floor cloth to pillow… to the weave in the cloth covering the furniture…. all elements that take on the beauty and essence of coastal decor.

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The common textures in flooring coverings that are inspired from the sea, vary from a thin canvas that has been painted to a more dense weave as seen in the featured photo.  Patterns can reflect the ripples of the ocean floor to the curve of a seashell.  Traditional pattern with a Mediterranean flavor can include pops of color from tropical settings with jeweled tones or more traditional naval colors, to more subtle patterns that reflect coastal cities as in the traditional Grecian key pattern. If you are looking for the more subdued tones to bring out the idea of Florida white sands of Sarasota, try looking for lighter hues and pastels to bring out the tones of other decor within your home.


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