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August 26, 2017

Whether it is the gorgeous sunrise or the reflection of the clouds on the crystal clear lake, capturing the moment is something we all try to do when discovering the perfect moment in time.  Photos help to bring back those memories and make a perfect discussion piece when placed in the right location.  How do you capture the image though? While cell phones have increased in their quality of images, the final product when it goes to print will be determined by the resolution of the camera as well as the size of the image that you would like to create.  Small, table-side photos tend to turn out fine with lower resolution, but realistically they benefit from at least a 10 Mega-pixel camera.  Medium sized images (up to 2′),  truly benefit from a minimum of a 15 Mega-pixel camera with a built in stabilizer for the crispier images, while they can print beyond 2 ft, there is more benefit in using a higher resolution camera 24+ Mega-pixels with a camera stand, especially for the larger images; reducing chances of pixellation or blurry images.

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