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May 9, 2017

The rocky shores of Maine…. the cliffs of 17-mile drive near Monterey’s coast in Northern California…. the slate colored rocks of the South of France along the shores of St. Tropez…. the white sands of the Maldives…. the red rocks of Santorini, Greece….

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Which shoreline will be your muse?

Use nature as your guide in recreating the most perfect setting… the Art of Nature is probably one of the most spectacular of muse.  To one, they are just rocks… to another they are an inspiration of colors, textures, space, history and memories.  Looking for inspiration? Take a look at your favorite shores…. and the abundance of treasures before you.  What you see might surprise you.

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The hues of green found on the shores of the beaches from the jade to the sea glass, the amber wheat as it grows up on the cliffs across from Acadia National park… or even the subtle color palette of Piraeus with its sallow orange, silvery glow of blues and greenery…. each tiered with an array of textures, ready to be recreated.  Colors and textures found in nature can either be the accent to a peaceful setting, like the yellows and reds of pebbles or perhaps even lighten the room as the fine accent piece of furniture or even wall treatments.  Photos, collections of nature also make the perfect conversational piece, whether framed as a photo or a vase filled with sand from your journey.  Bring home your muse….

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